Who out there is focused on awakening love?

What lies beyond attacking and defending?

Here we dance and sing, we study and grow.
Who's with you on this journey? What's their story, and what moves them?
Connect more deeply with your spiritual brothers and sisters. They're all here, dancing with the hummingbird.
Doing Seva
Discover the power of seva.
Find your place in this vibrant organization of volunteers intent on putting love into motion.
What does this ancient art of karma yoga have to teach us?
Ever wonder if there are people in the community near you that you don't know about?
Or in the places you visit in your travels?
What does it take to start local gatherings in your town?
Let's explore this global family.
What types of gatherings inspire you the most?
Global satsangs and chanting?
Sitting, walking or dancing meditations?
Yoga, Tai chi and other physical activities?
Psycho-spiritual work or prosperity trainings?
Let's make your dream a reality.
The experiential study group, the "Who Am I?" retreat, the ABCs, the seasons with Baba and silent retreats... they are no joke.
What happens to the people after they go through the biggest transformations of their lives?
Did they take a gamble and change career paths? Did they reforge their relationships?
What's it like to break certain masks and addictive patterns?
Keeping a dispersed network of volunteers united and motivated can be pretty tough.
That's why we offer not just the social networking features you'd expect, but also the various tools you need to work together more effectively.
More people in campus

What about us, the community?

This is an important time for the countless thousands of people who have spent years studying and facing their inner shadow, learned to open the heart and dedicated their energy towards awakening love in all. But can we reach the same elevated state we used to be in during satsangs, retreats or seasons with Prem Baba, on our own? Are we mature enough to take command of our own spiritual progress? As the focus changes to us, the people, we need the right tool to empower and unite everyone. Try out this exclusive social network inspired by and built from the ground up to meet the needs of this global family.

Feeling at home

Dealing with "family" issues

This community platform was built specifically to be your home, a place where you are surrounded by people who have been touched by that same indescribable love. But as in any family gathering, sometimes there are tough interpersonal issues that need to be worked through. Here you'll find the structure and support to deal with it all, and you'll see that our people are really worth gold. Join this community as it forges its own spiritual path forward, by creating exciting new groups and events, contributing to refreshing conversations, and actually co-creating the reality we've been speaking of for so long.

Data and statistics

Get as involved as you want

Running a volunteer-based organization and coordinating the work of thousands of sevakas brings unique challenges, and it's natural that people may feel out of place, overwhelmed or unattended to. The challenge isn't just technological, psycho-emotional or spiritual... there may have been an essential "glue" missing. This online community seeks to provide that glue, with all the tools you need to work together productively, without getting burned out. Come be a link in the chain in this beautiful karma yoga practice, and learn what it feels like to merge into an ocean of love.

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People letting all images shatter – and still the love awakens.